Współczesny przedsiębiorca


  • Krystian Sowislok II Liceum Ogólnokształcące w Zabrzu


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współczesny, przedsiębiorca


This paper tries to show an image and define qualities vital to a modern entrepreneur. The requirements for entrepreneurs are very high. An entrepreneur must be both a founder and organizer, as well as manager and leader. In order to play these roles well one should possess certain qualities and abilities. It is necessary to have so called „spirit of enterprising”, to be creative and innovative, which will let us find a niche on the market and prosper in the competitive world. Furthermore, it is vital to be able to manage the personnel and time - an important resource in our times. Also, we should be able to interpret and use the accessible information and our knowledge that should be constantly broadened. It is important to have the sense of responsibility, as there is no enterprise without financial and legal risk. Above list shows that this set of qualities and abilities is hard to develop. The teachers’ task, who give Introduction to Enterprising lesson, is to show young people what qualities are necessary for a modern entrepreneur, and what to do in order to develop them. Today’s students should decide on the shape of tomorrow economy in Poland.


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Sowislok, K. (2007). Współczesny przedsiębiorca. Przedsiębiorczość - Edukacja, 3, 193–195.

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