Potencjał rozwojowy szkół wyższych Małopolski


  • Anna Harańczyk Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie



Słowa kluczowe:

szkoły wyższe, Małopolska


The goal of this analysis is the presentation of the condition of Higher Education in Małopolska Region compared to the state of national development and how it impacts on local growth.The article has four parts.The first one discuses Polish system of higher education. It reviews the numbers of studentsand graduates setting in different types of higher schools and the specializations. Also it introduces elements of Bologna accords realized in Poland.The second part considers the potential for research in higher schools and the curriculum foryoung teachers. The problems of doctoral programs as the third stage of higher education areparticularly important for the education of young teachers. The research conducted by higherschools are significant too.The third part presents the problems of finance for both public and non-public higher schoolsin Poland. The government expenses and investments in higher schools as well as the structureof incomes from operational activity of higher schools were analyzed in reference to the didacticactivities and the research works and the business activities.The fourth part describes SWOT analyses of higher schools in Ma³opolsca Region. The closure consist of the conclusions and recommendations.




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Harańczyk, A. (2008). Potencjał rozwojowy szkół wyższych Małopolski. Przedsiębiorczość - Edukacja, 4, 37–59. https://doi.org/10.24917/20833296.4.3